Terms and conditions

  1. The test are carried out in the lab with the presumption that the specimen belongs to the patient named or identified in the coupon /test request form (TRF).
  2. The test results relate specifically to the sample received in the lab and are presumed to have been generated and transported per specific instruction given by the physician/ Laboratory.
  3. The reported results are subject to confirmation & interpretation by the referring doctors.
  4. Strand Life Sciences shall in no event be liable for accidental damage, loss or destruction of specimen which is not attributable to any direct and mala fide act or omission of Strand Life Sciences or its employees. Liabilities of Strand Life Sciences for deficiency of services, or other errors and omissions shall be limited to fee paid by the patient for the relevant laboratory services.
  5. A duly filled in test request form (TRF) with complete specimen information and clinical history should be provided along with this coupon.
  6. Patient reports will only be sent to registered email id.
  7. Communication from Strand Life Sciences to the Physician/Patient would only be through registered email/ registered mobile number provided on the TRF/ Coupon.