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Disease Name: Disorders of creatine metabolism

Genes Covered:

Test Details Pricing

Panel: Strand Mitochondrial Disorders Test

Disorder Category: Disorders of creatine metabolism

Turnaround Time: 5-6 weeks from receipt of sample in the lab

Sample Requirement:

  • 1. Blood in EDTA (purple top) tube shipped with ice pack (2-5 ml)
  • 2. Saliva or sputum in collection kit provided by Strand
  • 3. Cheek swab in the collection kit provided by Strand
  • 4. Purified genomic DNA (5-10 μg) in 10 mM Tris buffer (No EDTA)
  • 5. Dry blood spot

Special Remarks: This test includes only nuclear genes encoding for the mitochondrial proteins that are important for normal mitochondrial function. This panel does not cover genes present in the mitochondrial genome.

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