Cancer is treated right
when the therapy is personalized.

How to find the right therapy for treating cancer?

Different individuals with the same cancer can respond differently to the same therapy.

Detecting these genomic alterations yields a more complete picture of the cancer.

With this information, an oncologist can personalize treatment and improve outcomes.

How can genomic alterations be identified?

Genomic alterations can be identified through genomic sequencing of the tumor using the StrandAdvantage Test.

What types of cancers can be tested using the StrandAdvantage Test?

StrandAdvantage can test for the most common solid tumors.
For example breast, colon and lung cancers but also other rarer cancer types.

What are the benefits of doing the StrandAdvantage Test?

Who can benefit from the
StrandAdvantage Test?

Any individual diagnosed with a solid tumor.

How to order the StrandAdvantage Test?

It is good to be informed about genomic testing for cancer. However, the need for testing should be determined by an oncologist.