Screening of over 1000 Indian patients with breast and/or ovarian cancer with a multi‑gene panel: prevalence of BRCA1/2 and non‑BRCA mutations

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Expression of tripartite motif-containing protein 28 in primary breast carcinoma predicts metastasis and is involved in the stemness, chemoresistance, and tumor growth

StrandAdvantage test for early-line and advanced-stage treatment decisions in solid tumors

Genotype-Phenotype Analysis in an Indian Family Affected with Li-Fraumeni Syndrome-Role of Genetic Counselling

Incidental Findings in Male Breast Carcinoma: A Genetic Counseling Approach

Homozygosity mapping guided next generation sequencing to identify the causative genetic variation in inherited retinal degenerative diseases

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Next-generation sequencing-based method shows increased mutation detection sensitivity in an Indian retinoblastoma cohort

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Detection of high frequency of mutations in a breast and/or ovarian cancer cohort: implications of embracing a multi-gene panel in molecular diagnosis in India

Meta-Analyses of Microarray Datasets Identifies ANO1 and FADD as Prognostic Markers of Head and Neck Cancer

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An integrated transcriptomics and proteomics study of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma – methodological and analytical considerations

Release of (and lessons learned from mining) a pioneering large toxicogenomics database

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Metabolite profiling in posttraumatic stress disorder

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Evaluation of quantitative miRNA expression platforms in the microRNA quality control (miRQC) study

SInC: an accurate and fast error-model based simulator for SNPs, Indels and CNVs coupled with a read generator for short-read sequence data

An international effort towards developing standards for best practices in analysis, interpretation and reporting of clinical genome sequencing results in the CLARITY Challenge

Building Shared Experience to Advance Practical Application of Pathway-Based Toxicology: Liver Toxicity Mode-of-Action

MUSIC: A hybrid computing environment for burrows-wheeler alignment for massive amount of short read sequence data

Augmenting transcriptome assembly by combining de novo and genome-guided tools

Heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoproteins and their interactors are a major class of deregulated proteins in anaplastic astrocytoma: a grade III malignant glioma

An Integrative Systems Analysis of High-grade Glioma Cell Lines: TLRs, Wnt, BRCA1, Netrins, STXBP1 and MDH1 Provide Putative Molecular Targets for Therapeutic Intervention

Systems Biology Approach for the Identification of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Targets in Medulloblastomas

Gene regulatory network modeling using literature curated and high throughput data.

Construction of a Global Pain Systems Network Highlights Phospholipid Signaling as a Regulator of Heat Nociception

Next Generation Sequencing of Human Mitochondrial Reference Genomes Uncovers High Heteroplasmy Frequency.

COPS: A Sensitive and Accurate Tool for Detecting Somatic Copy Number Alterations Using Short-Read Sequence Data from Paired Samples

Whither genomic diagnostics tests in India?

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Transcriptomic profiling of Medial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

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A systems biology based integrative framework to enhance the predictivity of in vitro methods for drug-induced liver injury

truPK — human pharmacokinetic models for quantitative ADME prediction.