Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

Despite the tremendous advances achieved in healthcare, India is probably one of the handful of countries where the burden of communicable, or infectious disease also remains a challenge. Despite the fact that the balance is shifting towards a greater eminence of chronic and non-communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, older, pandemic infectious ailments like tuberculosis, HIV, malaria, hepatitis, and dengue still pose significant challenges to public health in our country.

Accurate and timely diagnoses can go a long way in treating and mitigating the spread of infectious diseases.

A quick glance at the last 20 years shows the outbreaks of various infectious diseases in India.

Our comprehensive tests can be used against bacterial, viral and parasitic infectious agents, including:

  • Pathogen culture
  • Detection of pathogenic proteins in blood
  • Detection of presence of pathogens by PCR amplification of DNA (including the Cepheid GenXpert system for tuberculosis)
  • Antibodies produced in response to infections.

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