Strand Life Sciences, a powerhouse of science and informatics translated into deeper insights for better decisions in genomics and personalized medicine.

From academia to a startup to a growing company.

2000: India’s top ranked university IISc spins off faculty entrepreneurship with the creation of Strand.

Over the last 15 years, Strand is established as a leading company in software product development, cutting edge contract research for pharma, and genetic testing.

A global software product company

2003: Soochika, finding a needle in a haystack, was our first product for microarray data analysis launched world-wide.

The product evolved to be the GeneSpring product, the market leader in multi-omics data analysis with over 20,000 citations.

Growth of the company

2005: Venture Capital backs Strand to create a platform for secondary and tertiary data analytics for experimental biology applications.

Venture capital firms repose confidence with multiple rounds of funding.

UTI Capital, Westbridge Capital, Sequoia, Medibic of Japan, and Biomark Capital have successively funded Strand in its growth path.

Clinical diagnostics company

2012: Strand launches into clinical diagnostics and the applications of genomics to personalized medicine.

Strand naturally evolved into a clinical diagnostics company, setting up labs in India and the US for advanced genetic testing. Since then, Strand has created and marketed a variety of diagnostics tests for cancer and hereditary diseases.