Swamy Manohar, Ph.D


Swamy Manohar is a founder and Managing Director of LimberLink Technologies. Prior to this, he was a co-founder and CEO of PicoPeta Simputers Pvt. Ltd which was acquired by Geodesic in FY 2006, where he served as the Chief IPR & Strategy Officer. After obtaining his PhD in Computer Science from Brown University he was a professor at the University of North Carolina for two years and then at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, from 1990 to 2005. While at IISc, he co-invented the Simputer, was awarded the first Dewang Mehta Award for Innovation in IT, and pioneered the faculty entrepreneurship activity at IISc, which has since catalyzed similar activity in IITs and other educational institutes in India. He co-founded Strand Life Sciences® (formerly Strand Genomics), and String Labs, the first academic incubating company in India. Swamy Manohar has contributed to research in Computer graphics, visualization, virtual reality and CAD for rapid prototyping.