Abhishek Mohanty

Practice Head Oncology

Dr. Abhishek Mohanty, Doctorate in Cell Biology from Dept. of Biochemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India was heading the Dept of Research as Principal Research Officer and Head, Dept. of Research at prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital and Research Institute (RGCIRC), Delhi prior to his appointment as Practice Head, Oncology at Strand Life sciences, Bangalore. Dr. Abhishek was working as a Senior Research Associate at the Institute of Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicine (INSTEM-NCBS, Bangalore), and had a three-year post doc fellowship from Ottawa Heart Institute, Ottawa, Canada, before he took up the assignments as the Head of Cancer Genomics and Proteomics at Molecular Oncology Division at MVR Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, Calicut, Kerala and Head, Cancer Research, RGCIRC, Delhi.

Dr. Abhishek has an unequivocal passion about the power of molecular profiling especially genomics and its combination with clinical oncology to unravel the mystery of genomic underpinnings driving the genetics of cancer and its progression.

As Practice Head , Oncology and Medical Affairs , Dr. Abhishek leads the Cancer Genomics and Clinical Services to provide genomic health care solutions to clinicians and oncologists across the country. His pursuit is to help clinicians understand the pivotal role of genomics in cancer care in unravelling the unexplored genetic alterations and cellular manipulations at the molecular scale that drive the disease processes sequentially leading to human tumour development and provide a bed to bench side, individualised patient centric onco-therapeutic approach.