Chitra Pattabiraman

Chitra Pattabiraman

Practice Head - Infectious diseases

Chitra Pattabiraman is a virologist/molecular biologist and uses genomic tools (sequencing) to identify pathogens in brain infections.

At Strand as a practice head for infectious diseases she reports to the clinical diagnostics head.

Earlier she was working as an India Alliance (DBT-Wellcome Trust) Early Career Fellow at the Department of Neurovirology, NIMHANS, Bangalore. Her interest is in pathogen genomics, particularly genomics of novel/emerging viruses that cause human disease.

She obtained her BSc in Microbiology from Calcutta University, an Integrated MSc-PhD in Life Science from the National Centre for Biological Sciences, TIFR, Bangalore.

She was awarded a SERB-Royal Society Newton International Fellowship for post-doctoral work with the Brain Infections Group at the University of Liverpool.