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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

San Francisco, California – November 23, 2011

Strand Scientific Intelligence Inc. (Strand) announced today that it has entered a major agreement with Institut Curie in Paris to develop an informatics application that will manage all scientific images produced by the Institute. The solution which is developed using Strand’s award-winning Avadis platform, allows scientists to easily exchange, annotate, search and analyze complex images generated with various electronic microscopes and imaging technologies. The deployment of the new solution has started and will be completed by the spring of 2012.

Institut Curie, a private foundation that was granted charitable status in 1921, brings together one of the largest cancer research centers in Europe and a state-of-the-art hospital group. Within the research center, Institut Curie developed the “Cell and Tissue Imaging Core Facility of the Institut Curie” (PICT-IBiSA). This facility gathers highly sophisticated equipment and up-to-date technologies in advanced microscopy. PICT IBiSA is therefore proposing up to 50 advanced microscopy setups to hundreds of internal and external users.

“For more than a decade, Strand using the Avadis platform has designed innovative analytics solutions that empower scientists to make sense of complex chemistry and biology data. We believe that the addition to Avadis of breakthrough meta-data management capabilities focused on scientific images will help scientists contrast hypotheses developed using genomics, proteomics and cellomics with reality as measured using imaging technologies. This combination of analytics with imaging is core to our vision of providing scientific intelligence capabilities to researchers” says Professor Vijay Chandru, co-founder and CEO of Strand.

“We know that innovations in biological image acquisition and analysis are keys to the discovery of new cures and our fight with cancer. However, it leads to an endless growth in image size, complexity and quantity. This is now a major challenge to face, for our researchers at the Institut and beyond. Let’s quote large projects such as the “ESFRI-EuroBioimaging” at the European level, in which Image Data Management constitutes one of the priority topics. Since more than a year, we sought an experienced partner to help us develop a solution to simplify how we manage scientific images at the Institut Curie. We found that Strand was uniquely qualified to develop “the” solution that would help the Institut Curie and its external collaborators manage the exponential growth and complexity of scientific and biomedical images” says Jean Salamero, Scientific Director of Cell and Tissue Imaging Core Facility-IBiSA of the Institut Curie.

About Strand Scientific Intelligence, Inc.

Strand Scientific Intelligence, Inc. (Strand) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Strand Life Sciences, a privately held company that has pioneered the practice of Scientific Intelligence in life and health sciences. Strand’s powerful computational algorithms combined with exceptional life and health sciences expertise have resulted in products and customized solutions that span the data integration and analysis, knowledge management, experimental, clinical, and pipeline decisions continuum in diverse scientific areas. Based in California, Strand leverages a state-of-the-art Scientific Intelligence research and development center in Bangalore.

About Institut Curie

Institut Curie, a private foundation that was granted charitable status in 1921, brings together one of the largest cancer research centers in Europe and a state-of-the-art hospital group. Founded in 1909 on a model developed by Nobel Laureate Marie Curie that remains cutting edge, Institut Curie’s missions are research, care, and teaching to assist patients with cancer. As an institution firmly committed to cross-disciplinary research, Institut Curie brings together a world class-staff of experts with multiple complementary skills that serve as a source of innovation and excellence.

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