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What we do

Our powerful genomics solutions accelerate drug discovery research for Pharma and biotech companies. Our unique access to genomics data with clinical and phenotypic data provides insights into complex diseases at the genetic and molecular level to facilitate research in personalized healthcare

Enabling genomic diagnostics for India and worldwide

We have revolutionized healthcare by reducing trial-and-error in treatment through the application of diagnostics and genomic testing through our innovative laboratory tests, technology, and platform solutions used by clinicians for their patients, scientific researchers, as well as pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Research and Development

We have a strong and experienced Research and Development team who work towards developing newer products keeping in mind the needs of physicians and patients. Our R & D efforts also include cost-optimization and test affordability for patients. We employ the motto of ‘Affordability as a driver of innovation’ while designing and developing products.

Global Leader in Bioinformatics Solutions

For close to 2 decades, we have been at the forefront of developing robust and sophisticated bioinformatics solutions based on our proprietary platforms Ramanujan and Avadis, for global pharmaceutical and leading research laboratories. Some of our developments include: