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Making informed health decisions through genetic counselling

What is genetic counselling?

Genetic counseling is a process to help individuals, couples, and families understand their risk of an inherited genetic condition to make informed health decisions. Healthcare professionals called ‘Genetic Counselors’, with training in medical genetics and counselling provide genetic counselling consultations.

How can a genetic counsellor help?

A genetic counsellor can:
  • Provide information about genetic conditions and its inheritance patterns in your family
  • Evaluate genetic disease risk for you or your family
  • Explain genetic testing and recommend it if required
  • Help you understand your genetic test results
  • Provide support throughout the process

When should one talk to a genetic counsellor?
Genetic counselors should be consulted in the following situations:

While making pregnancy decisions

  • Women who are pregnant or couples planning a pregnancy have a family history of a genetic condition
  • Abnormal test results during pregnancy screening
  • Pregnancy during advanced maternal or paternal age

Abnormal child health

  • Children with a family history of genetic conditions, neurological conditions, abnormal physical features, and birth defects

Adults affected with a genetic condition or a family history of such conditions

Cancer in the family

  • Multiple members in the family that have had cancer
  • Family members that have had cancer at an early age
  • Rare cancers are diagnosed

Where can I find a genetic

  • Our genetic counsellors are available for in clinic consultations at major cities, or telephonic consultations across the country.

    • New Delhi (NCR region)
    • Mumbai
    • Kolkata
    • Bangalore
    • Ahmedabad
    • Hyderabad

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