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Triesta partnered with Strand Life Sciences for cancer treatment

Triesta unit of HCG combines with Strand

Triesta and HCG have been pioneers in bringing the latest advancements in molecular biomarkers into clinical practice in the country. Together we are well on the path to building Asia’s leading integrated analytics driven diagnostic and genomics research company. Through this alliance we will work together to be at the forefront of precision medicine,” says Dr. Ramesh Hariharan, Founder and CEO of Strand.

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HCG and Strand announce new standard-of-care for cancer treatment in India

HCG partnered with Strand Life Sciences to integrate genomics as a ‘standard of care’ in cancer treatment and risk prediction across its hospital network in India and Africa. The genomic tests will support physicians, and their patients with the most accurate and advanced tumor profiling of large number genes for “actionable” mutations. The information about these mutations will help identify targeted therapies and treatment choices early in the course of cancer care.

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Strand HCG Cancer Treatment

Strand at Mazumdar Shaw (SAMS) translational genomics lab

Strand Life Sciences, in partnership with the Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation, has set up one of India’s first translational genomics laboratories at the Mazumdar-Shaw Centre for Translational Research (MSCTR) in the Narayana Health City campus at Bangalore. The SAMS lab will focus on translational research to develop affordable genomics-based diagnostics in the areas on oncology and inherited genetic diseases.

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Dr. Mammen Chandy

Precision Medicine in Oncology

“The complexity of cancer genetic pathways and mutations, combined with increasing options for targeted therapy, necessitate a comprehensive assessment of tumor mutation profiles in patients with solid tumors. Using a single drug to treat all types of cancers or patients is rapidly being discontinued for targeted and tailor-made therapies. Precision medicine today has made it possible to derive more effective treatment strategies that are tailored to the genomic profile of each patient’s tumor. On the other hand, genetic testing has enabled us to identify individuals and families with high risk of hereditary cancer, and provide them with personalized surveillance and risk-reduction measures.”

“I am convinced about the benefits and utility of molecular diagnostics for delivering effective cancer care, provided we are able to reach a point where the majority of the population can afford such important advances in medicine.”

Dr. Mammen Chandy, Director – Tata Medical Centre, Kolkata quotes at a symposium on ‘Next-Generation Sequencing for Precision Medicine in Oncology’ organized by Strand Life Sciences.

Dr. Senthil Rajappa

Precision Medicine in Oncology

“Precision medicine based on genomic profiling is expected to help tailor the treatment to the patient and the tumor. Genetic testing has enabled us to identify individuals and families with high risk of hereditary cancer, and provide them with personalized surveillance and risk-reduction measures. The opportunities and utility of precision medicine diagnostics for delivering effective cancer care are immense.”

Dr. Senthil Rajappa – Senior Consultant in Medical Oncology, Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, Hyderabad quotes at a symposium on ‘Next-Generation Sequencing for Precision Medicine in Oncology’ organized by Strand Life Sciences.

Dr Gurdeep Sethi testimonial image

Dr. Gurdeep Sethi

Genetic Testing informs Treatment Decisions

“I believe that genetic testing has a significant role to play in making a treatment decision for patients. I have used the tests and services offered by Strand Life Sciences. Strand being a CAP and NABL accreditation lab one is confident about the rigor that goes into testing and the credibility of the outcomes reported. The results can be used to come up with specific treatment pathways for patients.”

Dr. Gurdeep Sethi, MD
Millennium Cancer Center, Gurgaon

Adam Bass

Testimonial on Strand

“Strand Life Sciences has been a leader in genomic analysis for years. It is wonderful to see them bring their expertise into Personalized Medicine, where they can help physicians to effectively tailor therapies to the genomic profiles of their patients and their tumors.”

Adam Bass, MD
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School
Physician/Scientist – Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

doctor icon male

Dr. Praveen Dadireddy

Genetic Testing offered by Strand Useful and Affordable

“Genetic testing for at-risk family members is important when there is a strong family history of cancer. Patients can be made breast aware and put on a close surveillance or treatment plan. Most of my patients and their families find the follow up genetic testing offered by Strand Life Sciences very useful and affordable, in order to make better health decisions.”

Dr. Praveen Dadireddy, MRCS, FIORBS (GER)
Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Continental Hospital, Hyderabad

doctor icon female

Dr. Himabindu Gaddipati

Genetic Testing has immensely impacted Prenatal and Neonatal Diagnosis of Inherited Disorders

“Precision medicine facilitated by genomic profiling is expected to help tailor treatment to the patient. Genetic testing has enabled us to identify individuals and families at a high risk for developing hereditary cancer, and provide them with personalized surveillance and risk-reduction measures. In addition to the field of oncology, genetic testing has immensely impacted the prenatal and neonatal diagnosis of inherited disorders.”

Dr. Himabindu Gaddipati
Chief Executive Officer & Founder Elixsys Inc., San Diego, CA

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw at Strand Liquid Biopsy Launch

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Liquid Biopsy Is a Huge Breakthrough in Cancer Detection and Management

“Innovations like Liquid Biopsy are huge breakthroughs in cancer detection and management. India needs such pioneering innovation in healthcare to foster early detection which can be a great help in bringing down the non-communicable disease (NCD) burden that our country is facing today. I congratulate the scientific teams at Strand and MSCTR as well as doctors at MSMC for this achievement and am sure this cutting edge technology will play a central role in affordable cancer care.”

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
Chairperson and Managing Director, Biocon

doctor icon female

Dr. Ramesh Sarin

Genetic Testing will have a Positive Impact on Healthcare in India

“Genetic testing using multi-gene panels will potentially be helpful in developing effective strategies for early detection, prevention, and better management of HBOC, which will have a positive impact on healthcare in India.”

Dr. Ramesh Sarin, MBBS, MS, FRCS
Senior Consultant – Surgical Oncology, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi

Dr Sharat Damodar at Strand Liquid Biopsy Launch

Dr. Sharat Damodar

Liquid Biopsy helps create Personalized Cancer Treatment Plans

“Solid tumors developing on an internal organ can sometimes be hard to access and often require a small surgery to enable sampling. It is even more challenging when the tumor is located deep within the body. On the contrary, a liquid biopsy test requires only a simple blood draw, providing a new way forward in such situations. The technique helps to create personalized cancer treatment plans for each patient. It can also provide insights to assess if a patient is prone to a relapse and if a person is likely to respond to therapy or not.”

Dr. Sharat Damodar
Heme-Oncologist & Clinical Director, Mazumdar Shaw Medical Centre

doctor icon male

Dr. B S Ajaikumar

Genomic Testing will be the Future of Cancer Care

“HCG has been in the forefront in redefining cancer care. We will now incorporate genomic testing which is personalized and will be the future of cancer care. This will help oncologists in clinical decisions and help our patients receive targeted individualized therapies that will improve diagnosis and prognosis of cancer. We are pleased to partner with Strand Life Sciences, which through its expertise will offer comprehensive genomic tests for cancer and other germline conditions at affordable rates to our patients. Through this partnership between Triesta Sciences and Strand Life Sciences we hope to enhance the work done by our multi-disciplinary team of eminent and established oncologists. With this HCG joins a select group of advanced cancer care centers.”

Dr. B S Ajaikumar
Founder, Chairman, HCG Enterprise

doctor icon male

Dr. Ashwin C Mallipatna

Genetic Testing for RB1 Muations Essential while evaluating Retinoblastoma

“Retinoblastoma is the most common eye cancer in children, affecting hundreds of children in India and thousands of children worldwide each year, which can be fatal when diagnosed late. About half of the children suffering from this cancer carry a mutation in the RB1 gene that may run in their family (heritable mutation), with potentially fatal consequences to those affected. The American Joint Committee on Cancer has acknowledged the importance of this heritable trait in predicting patient survival, making it essential to consider while evaluating retinoblastoma.”
“The importance of sensitive testing to detect an abnormal RB1 gene cannot be understated. NGS is cost-effective in detecting RB1 mutations. This study demonstrates a bio-informatics strategy that makes standard NGS-based testing more sensitive. Interpretation of these laboratory results by doctors and communicating that to the family through proper genetic counselling is essential.”

Dr. Ashwin C Mallipatna MBBS, MS, DNB,
Pediatric Ophthalmologist

doctor icon female

Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh

Strand’s CAP and NABL Accreditation gives Physicians Confidence to refer Samples

“It is imperative that physicians feel confident while sending patient samples for specialized and esoteric testing, such as NGS for cancer and rare inherited disorders. These diagnostic tests require advanced laboratories and expert personnel to analyze and interpret complex genetic information. Laboratories whose quality systems have been accredited by organizations such as CAP and NABL will give physicians much needed confidence to refer precious patient samples.”

Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh, MBBS, MS, MRCS, FAMS
Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Bangalore

doctor icon female

Ms. Sangita Reddy

Genomic Tests Will Help Diagnose and Treat Patients with More Precision

“Apollo has always believed that personalized medicine is the future of healthcare delivery. Our Chairman, Dr. P.C Reddy’s foresight of personalized health is becoming a reality today with the availability of such cutting-edge genomic tests.”
“We are pleased that the Sapien team has drawn up a comprehensive plan for the introduction and integration of such diagnostic & genomic tests at Apollo. We are excited about this partnership with Strand Life Sciences. Under Vijay’s leadership, Strand is now translating their world-class expertise into the clinic through the introduction of these high-end genomic tests which will ultimately help us diagnose and treat patients with more precision and lesser suffering at Apollo.”

Ms. Sangita Reddy
Joint Managing Director, Apollo Hospitals

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