About Strand Life Sciences

Strand Life Sciences is a genomics-based
research and diagnostics company with a
mission to improve global health by
decoding the genetic information contained
in an individual’s genome.

Strand Life Sciences partnership
programs enable large-scale
genomics research studies

Strand Life Sciences has partnered with
thousands of academicians and physicians
to apply next-generation genomics to
generate valuable insights into disease areas
such as cancer, cardiovascular and metabolic
diseases, eye and neurological disorders

What we do

Our powerful genomics solutions accelerate drug discovery research for Pharma and biotech companies. Our unique access to genomics data with clinical and phenotypic data provides insights into complex diseases at the genetic and molecular level to facilitate research in personalized healthcare

Enabling genomic diagnostics for India and worldwide

We have revolutionized healthcare by reducing trial-and-error in treatment through the application of diagnostics and genomic testing through our innovative laboratory tests, technology, and platform solutions used by clinicians for their patients, scientific researchers, as well as pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

We provide end-to-end
solution for genomic testing
services in the areas of cancer
and rare diseases.

Research and Development

We have a strong and experienced Research and Development team who work towards developing newer products keeping in mind the needs of physicians and patients. Our R & D efforts also include cost-optimization and test affordability for patients. We employ the motto of ‘Affordability as a driver of innovation’ while designing and developing products.

Global Leader in Bioinformatics Solutions

For close to 2 decades, we have been at the forefront of developing robust and sophisticated bioinformatics solutions based on our proprietary platforms Ramanujan and Avadis, for global pharmaceutical and leading research laboratories. Some of our developments include:


One of the foremost software
products built by Strand with 20,000
citations and used by 2000+
laboratories world-wide.

Strand Smart Lab

Complete turnkey solution that provides hospitals
with laboratory and informatics infrastructure/ support
to enable patient-centric genomic medicine.

Strand NGS

Enables analysis of data
generated from next-generation
sequencing (NGS) experiments.

Interpretation Services

Providing clinical reports with deep insights and fast turn-around to global hospitals and genetic laboratories for making informed clinical decisions on their patient samples.

Choosing an accurate laboratory is pivotal

We enable targeted treatment of diseases and preventive healthcare with accurate diagnostics and next generation sequencing-based genetic tests. Using the latest technology and our proprietary analysis and interpretation platforms, we are able to provide fast and reliable guidance on the best treatment and preventive options.

Certificate of Accuracy

We are a CAP (College of American Pathologists) and NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) accredited laboratory. We were the first facility in India to receive both prestigious recognitions for NGS testing. Strand Life Sciences offers comprehensive genomics service to the scientific community with our lab-hosted technology platforms. Processing of samples on best-in-class instruments combined with the informed technical and bioinformatics expertise guarantees quality outcome to sequencing and array projects.

Qualified Team at Work

An inter-disciplinary team of Pathologists, Scientists and Engineers work hand-in-hand to create and deliver quality tests. Around 50% of our 220+ scientists are highly qualified PhDs from world-leading institutions. Our engineers from some of the most reputed universities in the country provide the computational power for complex analysis.

The future belongs to precision medicine

Every day doctors make diffcult decisions while working with imperfect information. Every one of
these decisions is crucial and has an impact on the patients’ quality of life. That no two individuals
with the same symptoms—and even diagnosed with the same condition—respond identically to the
same therapy, only adds to the complexity.

Recognizing the limitations of the current one-size-fits-all approach, healthcare is rapidly moving
towards precision medicine, which uses genetic insights and advances in technology to provide a
deeper understanding of human physiology. Based on insights from analysis of large amounts of
clinical data, precision medicine can also reduce the cost of treatment by eliminating ineffective
treatment plans.

We have a strong foundation of medical and scientific expertise

With an inter-disciplinary workforce comprising diagnostic specialists, computer and life scientists, Strand uses a strong foundation of computational, scientific and medical expertise to deliver precision medicine solutions to help doctors make better decisions.
Proprietary software and variant curation databases that enable automatic variant prioritization, clinical interpretation and report generation
Data analytics, technology and Artificial Intelligence to see patterns and integrate them into decision models.
Strand NGS – Analysis of data generated from next-generation sequencing (NGS®) experiments
Clinical research and development services in the areas of clinical trial management, biomarker discovery, and validation.

We are obsessed with quality

At Strand, Quality always comes first. Our global associations, test range, laboratory processes, scientific employee number, certifications and uncompromising scientific rigor ensure high quality, accurate reports that aim to satisfy every physician and patient
Strand has 3 CAP accredited certified central labs – the largest number for any lab provider in India. Through our CAP accredited Laboratories, we diligently follow all their Global Best Quality Practices
Our test range spans rapid, point-of-care tests to the most specialized molecular ones in oncology, genetics, fertility, mother & child health, infectious diseases and algorithmic wellness.