Comprehensive test range - from simple to highly specialized

We have a large range of tests –
spanning from the simplest automated
biochemistry tests to the most advanced
molecular and genetics tests.

A test is only as good as the decision it helps you take.

We take great efforts to support physicians through evidence based decision pathways and technological tools to help improve the quality of their clinical decisions. We are constantly on the lookout for new, specialised tests to add to our repertoire – with help from our in-house scientists, researchers and computer engineers.

We are obsessed with Quality

Our referral labs are all accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) – the most stringent certification available in India. Our laboratory in Bangalore, the first Indian genetic lab to be accredited by CAP, is considered the referral lab for all genetics layers in India.
We take great effort to maintain the highest levels of quality in our laboratories through the adoption of common standards, constant evaluation against set benchmarks, and investments in capability building.

Efficient and accessible

Our high quality laboratories are located in every nook and corner of India. Our efficient hub-and-spoke system ensures quick turn-around for basic tests, while also ensuring the more complex ones receive the attention they deserve at our Regional Reference Laboratories and the Centres of Excellence.
Our multi-talented clinical team boasts of over 40 PhDs and MDs and a large number of pathologists, molecular biologists, geneticists, bioinformaticians and software engineers.

Our expertise

We are widely regarded as experts in Oncology, Genetics and Wellness – and continue to invest to stay in front in these 3 areas. The depth of our clinical talent is complemented by our investments in the latest equipment and our adoption of new echnology.

We offer a complete range of diagnostics

Impacting Lives through Precision Medicine

Identify the right therapyfor cancer through genomic testing
Understand your risk of inheriting cancer through genomic testing
Detect the cause of rare inherited diseases through genomic testing
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