We offer a wide range of testing solutions including highly specialized Oncopathology tests, Women’s Health, Mother and Child testing, Wellness panels and routine laboratory tests.

Our test capabilities span areas like genetics, molecular biology, oncogenomics, microbiology, biochemistry, immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry, hematology, transplant screening tests and serology.

Our tests are used for screening, early diagnosis, prognostics and prediction, and monitoring disease states.

Our Gurgaon testing centre is Approved for Covid 19 testing.

Routine Tests

Strand’s test menu of routine diagnostic tests have been curated to keep our communities healthy and monitor people’s general health.

We offer tests like complete blood count, complete glucose monitoring panel, kidney function tests, liver function tests, electrolytes, hormone profile, lipid profile, bone profile with serum calcium and vitamin D3 plus simple blood checks like hemoglobin electrophoresis to screen for thalassemia minor among couples planning pregnancy.


Strand is a market leader in oncology and the first to introduce and validate tests like BRCA1, BRCA2 screening, PDL1 testing among others.

Mother And Child

Strand’s Mother and Child flagship panel of tests -9 to +9 has pregnancy fully covered right from preconception to conception and post-partum wellness. Our Maternal Serum Screening with First Trimester Quad Marker covers trisomies with an additional screening layer for preeclampsia risk.

Our collaboration with Quest, US allows us to offer Non-invasive Prenatal Screening for trisomies and neural tube defects with just a sample of the mother’s blood.

To ensure complete wellness for the mother and child we offer newborn screening for a range of genetic disorders plus empower the mother’s health in the post-partum period with tests like hemoglobin check, iron studies, glucose levels, hormone levels, calcium and vitamin D3.

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