The future belongs to Precision Medicine

Every day doctors make difficult decisions while working
with imperfect information. Every one of these decisions
is crucial and has an impact on the quality of life of a
patient. That no two individuals presenting with the same
symptoms—and even diagnosed with the same
condition—respond identically to the same therapy, only
adds to the complexity.

Recognising the limitations of the current one-size-fits-all
approach, healthcare is rapidly moving towards precision
medicine, which uses genetic insights and advances in
technology to provide a deeper understanding of human
physiology. Based on insights from the analysis of large
amounts of clinical data precision medicine can also
reduce the cost of treatment by eliminating ineffective
treatment plans.

Precision Medicine solutions for
better healthcare decisions

You don’t just get reports from Strand. You get a committed partner
with the expertise, experience and capability to help you make the
right clinical decisions for your patients.

The Strand Edge:

  • Access to patients and practitioners through the HCG network
  • Cutting-edge Genetics and Bioinformatics skills
  • Strong, multidisciplinary team and R&D capability
  • Diagnostics network partnership with global giants

Trusted by the world’s best

Over 2000 customers including the world’s
premier research institutes, pharmaceutical and
biotechnology companies, device makers,
regulatory bodies, hospitals and doctors have
used our products and services for making
crucial decisions.

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