Strand innovates world-class
technology to make it accessible for India.

Strand NGS

The Power of NGS

Strand’s genetic tests are based on Next-Generation Sequencing technology.

NGS technology is the most advanced way to perform genetic testing.

Difference with NGS technology

NGS technology provides the ability to evaluate several genes together.

NGS technology also provides the ability to identify genetic causes not found before.

Laboratory Expertise

At Strand, quality is of paramount importance. We strive to provide the highest quality of diagnostic testing services. The laboratory testing involves design, standardization and execution of intricate protocols.

Strand is the first and only NGS lab in India accredited by CAP and NABL.


The laboratory testing is followed by complex data analysis.

With Strand, your data is in the most trusted hands.

Strand has 15 years of experience in building tools for genomic data analysis used by researchers worldwide.

Best-in-class Reporting

Strand has built a proprietary interpretation engine backed by carefully curated databases of genes and diseases.

Strand’s scientists use the interpretation engine to create comprehensive and actionable reports.

Team at Work

Scientists and Engineers at Strand work hand-in-hand to deliver NGS-based genetic testing.

Over 50% of our 200+ scientists are highly qualified PhDs from world-leading institutions.

Our engineers from some of the most reputed universities in the country provide the computational power for NGS analysis.

Best Diagnostic Testing and Research

Diagnostic Testing and Research

We work with more than 300 hospitals across the country for diagnostic testing and collaborative research. Some of these hospitals include the Tata Memorial Hospital, Apollo Hospitals, HCG, Tata Medical Centre, and Sir Gangaram Hospital.