Gene Word Feb 2017

Easy Test for Cancer

Easy Test for Cancer?? How about a simple blood draw?

560 315 Shefali Sabharanjak

Diagnosing cancers is not easy! Doctors rely on the symptoms presented by the patient, biochemical diagnostic tests and results of imaging techniques like ultrasonography (USG), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron…

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Strand Center at Pinkathon Bengaluru 2017 – Let’s go Pink Sisters!

560 315 Maria Kammerer

Pinkathon needs no introduction! We all know that it is a solidarity event organized to spread awareness of breast cancer, but most importantly to show women that they are not…

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Strand Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine is accredited by CAP and NABL

How To Choose the Right Genomics Lab

560 315 Shefali Sabharanjak

So, you have received the news that you need to undergo a new kind of test, a ‘genetic test’ in order to understand your risk for inherited cancer? What do…

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Angelina Jolies cancer family history reconstructed

What causes cancer? Part 2 – Inherited mutations

555 315 Maria Kammerer

What causes cancer? Part 2 – Inherited mutations We spoke about how our changing lifestyles have started to contribute to rising cancer rates in recent years in Part 1 of…

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