Gene Word Apr 2018

When the Philadelphia Chromosome Strikes

150 150 Maria Kammerer

by Guest Author: Dr. Namitha A Kumar OPFORD project, Strand Life Foundation Hospitals are places where human drama of illness, pain, suffering, turmoil and turbulence play out. A keen observer…

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Shout out for Rare Disease Awareness

A Roar for Rare

560 315 Hardeepsinh Rathod

“Wow, my son scored 88%”, shouted my dad, as I showed him my annual mark-sheet. Unlike my friends’ parents, my dad was quite contented with what I scored every year.…

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Danger - Asbestos - Mesothelioma and Lung Disease Hazard

Mesothelioma: The Role of Asbestos and Gene Therapy in India

560 315 Maria Kammerer

Asbestos has deep ties in the fabric of Indian industry and construction. Behind China, India is the second largest market for asbestos in the world, importing hundreds of millions of…

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