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Pioneering software for Life Sciences

Addressing complex problems

Strand has built a reputation for building sophisticated software systems involving complex algorithms and intuitive visualizations. Combined with in-depth domain knowledge from the Life Sciences, Strand has developed computational tools to address some of the complex problems in biology and applied this expertise for better integration of genomics and healthcare.Strand has moved forward to become a global leader in providing cutting-edge platforms for scientists, clinical laboratories, hospitals, and doctors.

Clinical application of Strand Ramanujan

Underpinned by Strand’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI)-powered bioinformatics and text mining platform, called “Ramanujan” after two great intellectuals of Indian origin, these platforms span next-generation genomics data analysis, clinical variant interpretation and reporting. They are used by Strand to enable clinicians to integrate phenotype information with all other clinical reporting for more effective application in monitoring and screening of disease progression and recurrence.

Avadis® Platform

The Avadis platform has been at the core of several software products developed at Strand. In 2010, the Avadis platform was picked by India Today as one of the top 10 innovations made in the country in the same league as the Advanced Light Helicopter and Titan Edge.

The Avadis technology platform delivers the power of analytics for deriving value from large amounts of data. The platform combines powerful data mining and text mining algorithms with rich and interactive visualizations. Avadis is also highly customizable featuring a pluggable framework and easily extensible via a scripting framework.

One of the foremost software products built by Strand for genomics data analysis from microarray experiments was called Soochika. Strand’s success with Soochika took it on a path of evolution that led to what is today’s GeneSpring, marketed by Agilent Technologies, Inc.

GeneSpring GX is a data analysis software for analyzing and interpreting data from genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics experiments, as well as to perform integrated biology.



GeneSpring has a huge customer base of researchers worldwide with well over 20,000 citations in Google Scholar. GeneSpring has established itself as the world leader with its competitors a distant second (having less than 10,000 citations in Google Scholar).

Agilent and Strand continue to innovate and serve the GeneSpring customers with regular software updates to empower their research and publications.

Strand NGS

Strand NGS enables analysis of data generated from next-generation sequencing (NGS) experiments. It supports extensive workflows for RNA-Seq, DNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, small RNA-Seq and Methyl-Seq analysis.

NGS experiments are notorious for the volume of data that they generate – a typical experiment can generate several GBs of raw data. That puts a huge onus on having to carefully optimize every single step of every analysis algorithm.

In the rapidly evolving area of NGS, Strand continues to keep pace and serve the Strand NGS customers with the latest.